Δωμάτια | Socrates Organic Village

Five modern houses (of the traditional type), all of which enjoy a view to the sea, are the ideal shelters we have prepared for you.

  • They are detached to offer peace and quiet.
  • They are next to each other to form a friendly neighbourhood.
  • They are beautiful to fit the landscape.

Its bright inside rooms, cool in the summer and full of the pleasant sensation of heat in winter, given out by the energy fireplace and the solar air conditioners, are made with every attention to the detail, are decorated with simplicity, finesse and taste and are equipped according to the most modern standard to make sure that you have anything you need. Their large windows bring you inside the landscape.

One of the houses has been made with great care and love in order to offer all access and stay facilitations to the disabled.

Δωμάτια | Socrates Organic Village Δωμάτια | Socrates Organic Village

The gardens of the farm, the roofed kiosks and the shared spaces surrounding them allow you to move freely, take part in farming activities -depending on the season- to tend your garden and to get to know your neighbours, if you would like to.
In the organic farm Socrates Organic Village you will enjoy peace, rest, little daily pleasures and, mainly, carefree holidays for the whole family. You will be given time to do things together, gain experiences full of  adventure, laughter and fun, which will bring you closer to each other and will make you feel good.

We welcome you to the organic farm Socrates organic village, certain that here you will feel "like... farm"!

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