Culinary Explorations

Culinary explorations & discovery of the local products

The true experience of Greek cuisine offers the person who tastes it the beauty & real flavour of the Mediterranean, an exciting mix of tastes, aromas and cultures. Closely connected to the long history of the country, Greek cuisine combines a variety of influences and traditional cooking techniques from ancient Greece, Italy & the Balkans with modern tendencies in an exquisite way.
Authentic ingredients and innumerable sweet combinations make Greek cuisine unique worldwide, not only because it is very tasty but because it is very healthy as well, according to the recommendations of most top nutritionists.


Those who travel in Western Greece will have the chance to discover recipes which put the senses in temptation. Full of diversity and pleasant surprises, the local cuisine satisfies even the most demanding palates.

Inside the uniqueness, the peace, the magic and the diversity of the area, they will be able to discover good food prepared only using the best quality of virgin olive oil, the wide variety of local organic products and the unique natural sea salt of Mesolonghi, which gives the food a fine taste of the Greek sea, sun and the Mediterranean wind.
Acknowledged Greek chefs unite their cooking experiences and tastes with the recipes of the mothers and grandmothers of the hosts, to let you in on the secrets of authentic & unique cooking pleasures, the exciting world of the Greek cuisine.
Experience with us the pleasures of the traditional Greek lifestyle by participating in fun cooking classes and enjoying relaxing trips which will give you the chance to indulge in the intoxicating wines & special cheeses of the area, taste the uniquely delicious olives & a wide variety of fresh, absolutely delicious and aromatic fruit and vegetables, extremely tasty, healthy, organic meat and poultry and fresh fish.

Take a bite of the famous & unique in the world fish roe of Mesolonghi, maybe the tastiest Greek delicacy.

But the main challenge for the visitor, above all this, is to discover the secrets & unique & special tastes of the traditional appetizers ("mezedes") from the fish of the Lagoon which are prepared with using perpetuated orally from one generation to another.

Unique taste experiences which are harmoniously accompanied with the aromas of the local organic wines & ouzo, in a unique and romantic atmosphere.

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