Ecological Stay

Green Stay

Protection of the environment is our philosophy and the daily practice in the farm and we are proud of it.

The total of electricity necessary for the daily activities in the farm, is produced from Photovoltaic Park with capacity 10kw & a windmill with capacity 2,4kw.


Heating - Biomass
We light a fire in the energy fireplace of the living room for warm winter nights and if this is not enough, we use the 2 air conditioners powered by renewable electricity (creating a very warm atmosphere).


Hot Water
Making use of the abundant sunligh,t we use solar panels for hot water on most days of the year.


We use LED lights or low energy consumption lights and an automation to turn lights off when we are absent.


Waste separation and forwarding procedures are applied to facilitate recycling of the waste as well as compositing of organic residue.


Local Products
All food comes from local producers of organic products.

It is very easy to lead a “green” life in the Socrates organic village!

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