Every morning we create the best conditions for you to enjoy the richest and purest breakfast you had ever imagined.

It includes the best local organic products: milk, tea, yoghurt, cheese, olives, honey, home-made marmalades, country-style bread, baked on the woods as well as all seasonal fruit and vegetables which you can cut from the garden of "your house" without any limitation, plus fresh eggs from the chicken bred on the farm. All of them have their forgotten, real taste.

As for the other meals, the choice is yours:

1) You can prepare enjoyable meals in the comfortable kitchen of "your house" using the traditional recipes supplied by us, which are based on the organic products of the farm and the wider area. Your "home"-made meals are completed by local organic wine of excellent quality.

2) You can also explore the tasty microcosm of the area in one of the many near-by taverns. You have to have in mind that Mesologgi is renowned for the amazing taste of the fish fished in the Mesologgi Lagoon (they are considered to be the most delicious fish in Greece) and for the "Mesologgi Fishroe", which is unique worldwide.

3) Special occasions:

* Seafood meal on a traditional "pelada", a straw hut in a natural fish farm by the Mesologgi Lagoon

* Fresh fish "barbecue" on the beach, after fishing or a canoe trip in the sea.

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