Rafting & Canoe Kayak

Rafting & Canoe Kayak in Western Greece

Take a vest, helmet, a row in your hand, your position in the boat and... here we go for a unique experience in the water paths of the Greek nature!

Ideal means to take you to places of unique beauty which you would not be able to access otherwise, Rafting & Canoe/Kayaking are a perfect combination of action and contact with nature.


They will "lead" you to deep canyons, next to lush mountain hills, filling you with images of magical landscapes and making you have fun and large doses of adrenaline. You can get to know the rivers of Western Greece which you can come down throughout of the year but under good weather conditions and after it has rained so that the rivers will have enough water.


Mesolonghi, the town of waters

An ideal place for Kayaking throughout the year. One day of Kayaking in the lagoon and the wider sea area. Amazing view, blue sea, plenty of time for swimming and exploring. A wonderful, fun evening kayaking during sunset will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful coastline, the water and the experience of sea kayaking.

Journeys in the Lagoon:

Mesolonghi lagoon: Port - Prokopanistos - Panagia - Port
Tour to the isles of the lagoon: Tourlida, Agios Sostis, Komma, Schinias, Prokopanistos & Panagia. Distance: 27.4km, duration 4 hours and 20 minutes.

Mesolonghi lagoon: Port - N. Ntolmas - Aitoliko - Port
A magical journey in the lagoon, between the islands, the sea birds and the beauties of the nature. Distance: 26km or 14 nautical miles, duration 4 hours and 14 minutes.

Mesologgi lagoon: Port - Agios Sostis
The journey from the port to the island of Agios Sostis and back is 14.5km or 7.7 nautical miles; it is magical and of particular interest for environmentalists and photographers. Duration of the round journey: more than 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Last, it should be noted that a Panhellenic Canoe-Kayak Flatwater race takes place every year in Mesologgi Lagoon, an action which basically makes the area a reference point for the sport in Greece, since the lagoon is the most important arena of the country.


Sea journey: Port of Mesolonghi - Vasiladi
Distance: 6.53km one-way, 13 km round. Duration of the round journey: 2 hours and 10 minutes.

Sea journey: Tourlida - K. Vasiliki - Tourlida
Journey length: 44.7km, duration 8 hours and 26 minutes, with 4 5-minute breaks. The journey goes past the estuary of river Evinos, which is navigable in its largest part, and past Kryoneri village, at the feet of Varasova. At the side of Varasova that faces the sea there is a beach where you can leave the Kayak and following a small climbing path you can visit Agios Nikolaos, which is built inside the rock.

Along the journey there are nice beaches both on the desolate isles of sand and at the villages Kryoneri and Kato Vasiliki. There are usually waves in the sea.

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